Refer a Friend, Earn Cash and Prints

Do you know a group that needs to raise serious funds? What if you could help them meet their goals and receive bonuses for yourself? Our referral program makes it easy!

1. Refer a Group or Organization

You tell us the name of the group, who to contact and how to contact them. Just fill out the form below.

2. They Hold Their Fundraiser

We’ll work with the group contact to set the right fundraising goal and hold a successful event. You get to sit for a free portrait session at the event!

3. You Receive Portrait Prints and Cash

To show our gratitude, we give you a free $150 package of prints. Plus, you’ll earn an extra $100 when your referred group meets their minimum goal (based on location).

Refer your favorite group today. Fill out the form below, or call us at 800-332-1066.

Your Name(Required)
Organization Address(Required)
Organization Contact Person(Required)

Still wondering if a Knickerbockers Fundraiser is right for you.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Created by The Social Brand
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