April 20, 2022

The People You Need on Your Fundraising Team

If you look at successful fundraisers, most have something key in common. They aren’t put on by one frazzled person, trying to do everything alone. They usually have a main coordinator and a team of other volunteers working together.

Our teammates help us overcome fundraising fears. They help us think through the logistics. And ultimately, they get things done.

When you hold a Knickerbockers fundraiser, a strong team is critical. Your goal is to sell portrait certificates for $10 each. Then, you’ll schedule portrait sessions for each buyer and host a portrait weekend. And finally, the buyers will return to view their portraits and buy any extra prints they want. (Read about the whole process!)

Knickerbockers fundraisers can help you raise big money — but they do take effort. So, here are the people you should have on your team.

1. The Main Coordinator

Every fundraiser needs a leader. If you’re reading this blog, that’s probably you. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never led something like this before. Knickerbockers works closely with the main coordinator throughout the whole process. Together, we set a selling goal for your group and determine the dates for your portrait weekend. We also give you guidance on finding a suitable location for the event.

The main coordinator then recruits a team of sellers (which we’ll share more about below). Each week, we’ll ask you to find out how much your team is selling. This lets us know how long your portrait weekend should be. If you’re underselling, it also gives us a chance to reschedule your weekend so you have a little more time.

The week before the portrait session, you’ll schedule the buyers’ portrait appointments. When the big weekend arrives, we ask you to be there to sign people in, schedule their viewing appointments, and make sure everyone has what they need. Later, you or your main assistant should be present for the viewing appointments.

In return for your efforts, you’ll receive your $10 portrait session and prints for free. But we also give you an additional five 8x10s, five 5x7s, 20 wallets, a photo CD, and a brag book!

Of course, this would be a ton of work for one person. And that’s why we’ll have you recruit a main assistant.

2. The Main Assistant

Your main assistant is your second in command. They should know everything about how the fundraiser works and what needs to be done. 

How much they do leading up to the portrait weekends depends on what support you desire. They can help you find your location, coach sellers, schedule portraits, or even promote the event on social media

During the portrait weekend, we ask that two people from your team be on location at all times. One of those two people must be the main coordinator or the main assistant. The main assistant can also take your place during the viewing appointments. 

A dependable assistant makes everything run more smoothly. And we reward main assistants with a deluxe portrait package — just like the one you’ll receive!

3. The Sellers

Charity Help Give Volunteer Concept

Of course, a Knickerbockers fundraiser depends on having an effective team of sellers. These volunteers ask friends and family to buy portrait certificates for $10 each. They also collect buyers’ contact information so you can schedule each portrait session.

If you’re raising money for a specific organization (e.g. a sports team or a school), you may have a built-in team of sellers. Otherwise, we can help you think through friends and family to recruit to your cause. All the selling materials are free, so we recommend recruiting as many sellers as you can to meet your goal.

Sellers earn free portrait sessions and prints when they sell 10 or more tickets. Each free package includes the $10 certificate items, plus additional prints. Selling 10, 15 or 20 tickets will earn sellers an additional $150, $200 or $250 in prints! These free package incentives are a great motivator as your sellers try to meet their personal goals.

4. The Helpers

At this point, you don’t need anyone else on your team — but you might want them. If you and your main assistant feel overwhelmed, invite another friend to join your team. They can help you coach sellers, schedule appointments, and run the portrait weekend. 

At the portrait event, we require that two key people always be on site. One of these people must be you or your main assistant. The other person can be a helper who’s willing to jump in where needed. Just make sure this helper understands what needs to happen that weekend. 

We provide two extra portrait packages for the helpers you recruit. They’ll receive the $10 portrait items, plus an additional $150-worth of prints!

Time to Assemble Your Fundraising Team!

Are you ready to fully fund your cause? Knickerbockers fundraisers let you sell something people truly cherish: memories. Every portrait session you sell is a chance to capture this unique season of the buyer’s life and family. That’s why so many people treasure their Knickerbockers portraits. And that’s why our fundraisers do so well!

Send us a message to get started. We’d love to hear about your special cause!

Created by The Social Brand
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