March 23, 2022

How to Turn Your Easter Photoshoot into a Family Keepsake

Easter is coming, and with it, so are some of the sweetest photos of the year. Sadly, most of these photos will be forgotten shortly after they’re posted on social media. But with a few key tips, you can turn your Easter photos into family keepsakes. Here’s how to do it!

1. Dress Timelessly

Most of us have looked back at old photos and thought, “What on earth were we thinking with those clothes?” Trends can be fun, but they quickly make a family portrait look dated. So, this Easter, go for a classic look. 

Choose simple pieces with subtle patterns or no patterns at all. Some of the most gorgeous family portraits come from having everyone wear white tops and jeans. If you want some color in your portrait, choose a theme of two to three colors that look nice together. Then, create coordinating outfits that everyone feels comfortable in. Let your kids join in the process so they can feel ownership over how they look in the photos. With a little effort, your family can glow with confidence!

2. Remember Why You Celebrate

Easter photos aren’t just about looking nice one day of the year. If you’re a Christian, they’re about celebrating the greatest event in all of history. Remind your family — and yourself — of what’s most important by sharing an Easter devotional before the photoshoot. 

If you’re not sure what to share, there are many free resources online. Try out one of these free Easter family devotional guides from Lifeway or Little House Studio. We recommend sharing it before you start to get ready. That way, the entire process can be one of celebration and joy!

3. Use Easter Props

Props can add texture, beauty, and even a little humor to your Easter family photos. Bring bouquets of wildflowers or lilies. Include your family Bible or framed portraits of loved ones who have passed away. Let the kids put a coordinating bowtie on the family pet. Bring a big wicker basket for your littlest family member to pose in. 

Your Knickerbockers photographer will also bring backgrounds and themed props. If you have a vision in mind, make sure to share it at the beginning of your photoshoot. Your photographer will be able to guide you toward the poses and props that will work best for your shoot. Let them pose you with and without various props so you have a good selection of shots to choose from. 

4. Have Fun

It’s natural to get nervous about having a portrait taken — even more so when you’re making sure the kids behave and everyone’s smile looks natural. But the best Easter portraits happen when you release your anxieties and let the photographer take over. 

Your photographer is trained to know what looks best. Their eagle eyes are catching everyone’s smile, any awkward body language, and any poses that need to change. And if the kids wiggle a little, it’s just a chance to see their sweet personalities shining through!

5. Get Your Easter Portraits Printed

It’s fun to share family photos online, but then they quickly get buried by other things. The best way to keep your Easter portraits in your life is to display them in your home. Your Knickerbockers portrait certificate provides you with two 8x10, two 5x7, and eight wallet prints. But you can also order more.

Order a larger print to go over your mantel or a small one to sit on your desk at work. Ask the grandparents what size prints they’d like. Frame them, decorate with them and enjoy them! And then, come back next year to add another beautiful family portrait to your collection.

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Created by The Social Brand
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