Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Knickerbockers hold portrait fundraisers?

Knickerbockers serves most of the southern U.S., including Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia

How many tickets do I need to sell?

This number is based on your distance from our office in Johnson City, Tennessee. This helps us guarantee that we’ll be able to cover our photographer’s mileage. (Remember, we pay our photographers through additional print sales, not through your certificate sales!) As an example, an organization within 200 miles of Johnson City would typically need to sell 50 certificates. A group 401 to 500 miles away would need to sell 110.

How does Knickerbockers make money if I keep all the certificate sales money?

Each Certificate Special provides the buyer with set of prints. However, buyers have the chance to purchase additional prints as well. Our profit comes entirely from these additional purchases. This model allows us to support our photographers without infringing on your hard-earned funds!

How far in advance do I need to schedule a fundraiser?

Knickerbockers fundraisers work best when scheduled six to eight weeks in advance.

• One week for us to send your
   promotional materials in the mail.
• Three to six weeks for you to 
   actively sell tickets in your
• One week for you to schedule each 
   certificate buyer’s portrait session
   on the selected weekend.
• Finally, the portrait weekend, when
   our photographers arrive and take
   the portraits.

What happens after the portrait weekend?

Our photographers return two to three weeks later to show participants their portraits and deliver their Certificate Special packages. Participants also have the chance to purchase additional prints at this time. Photographers handle these days. Your part is done!

Who on my fundraising team will receive free portrait packages?

We provide large portrait packages for both you as coordinator and your main assistant, as well as free packages for two extra helpers. We also provide packages for the location host, such as the pastor of a church or chief at a fire hall.

Your sellers can also earn free packages by selling 10, 15 or 20 tickets for you. The more they sell, the bigger their free package will be.

What kind of space do I need to reserve for the portrait weekend?

We require a room with at least 18x25 feet of level, open space and at least an 8-foot ceiling. The facility must have running water, restrooms, electricity and air conditioning (heat or cooling depending on the season).

The room needs to be available for up to two or three days because we never know how many tickets you may sell. The more you sell, the more days we need! And because portrait sessions may last the entire weekend, we need to be able to leave equipment set up overnight.

We find that fire departments, conference rooms, community centers and church fellowship halls usually work out great!

Have further questions?

We'd be happy to help.
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