April 27, 2022

9 Adorable Ideas for Sibling Portraits

The sibling bond is like no other. Our siblings celebrate our victories and mourn our losses. They love us at our most vulnerable. And in our old age, they’ll be the only people in the world who can reminisce with us about our earliest years. 

That’s why we love to take sibling portraits. They make beautiful keepsakes that your kids will cherish more with every year that passes. Over the years, we’ve been privileged to create thousands of adorable images. Here are some of our cutest ideas for sibling portraits.

1. Have Them Lean into Each Other

It’s hard to see sibling love in a stiff, formal portrait. Instead of having your kids stand in structured poses, have them lean into each other for a casual hug. An arm around the shoulder or a gentle hug shows the genuine love your kids have for each other. 

2. Make Magic with Fun Props

Sibling portraits are a chance to capture your kids’ imaginative spirits. Fun props can put kids in another place and time. They can show off your kids’ personalities. And they’re a great way to engage the shyer kids in your family. Knickerbockers photographers bring themed props to every photoshoot so we can help you create those magical moments!

3. Read a Book Together

Do your kids have a favorite book? Are you reading something together, as a family? Stories shape our childhoods, and sibling portraits are a great time to capture which stories your kids love. Pose them side-by-side, reading their favorite books. Or have an older sibling read to the younger kids.

4. Pose Them Face to Face

Sibling life is astonishingly intimate. Show that intimacy by posing your kids face to face. Have them look at each other, or have one give the other a kiss on the cheek. These simple poses create sweet, wholesome moments you’ll cherish forever.

5. Gather Around the Baby

Sibling photos with a new baby are some of the most precious you can capture. But if your other kids are still young, it can be hard to safely pose them with the baby. Here are a few ideas: Have your oldest child cradle the baby while sitting on the floor so they have ample support. Lay the baby on a big pillow or in a basket, and let the other kids crowd around. Or, you can even have all your kids lie on the ground and take an adorable photo from above.

6. Capture the Kids Playing Together

Your kids are each other’s first playmates. Capture that by letting them play during the photoshoot. Really! Bring a few of their cutest toys, and let them have fun. You’ll bring out your children’s personalities and capture the genuine enjoyment they have in each other.

7. Buy Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are a classic for multiple reasons. For one, they’re adorable. But they’re also easy to coordinate, and they symbolize the natural unity and connection siblings have. Have an oldest child who doesn’t want to match the younger kids? Give them a sense of ownership by letting them help you pick the outfit!

8. Play with Levels

The youngest kids don’t always have to be looking up at the oldest. Use props and poses to give your kids different perspectives. Maybe the youngest sits on a stack of suitcases that puts them above their older siblings. Or perhaps you put everyone at an equal level by having them lie on the floor. When you think outside the box, you can create some adorable sibling portraits.

9. Capture the Candid Shots

At this point, we hope your mind is full of precious possibilities for how you can pose your kids. But we also want to take a moment to appreciate the candid shots. Sometimes the best portraits come from the moments in between the formal shots. When the kids are waiting for instructions, when they’re not sure what to be doing. These are often the moments when their feelings and personalities shine through best. So, keep your eyes open, and don’t let these moments pass you by!

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