February 14, 2022

6 Benefits to Indoor Family Portraits

When it comes to family photos, you might think your only option is to head outdoors. But an outdoor portrait comes with a host of challenges — lighting, weather, keeping the kids clean. And as beautiful as a sun-drenched wheat-field can be, it’s not as unique a setting as it was 10 years ago. 
An indoor portrait is different. The logistical issues immediately fly out the window. Backdrops and props let you make the perfect setting. Ultimately, your family gets to be the focus, just as you should be. Here are a few of our favorite things about indoor portraits.

  1. You Get to Relax

An indoor portrait means no traipsing through field and forest to get to the perfect setting. No worrying about the kids getting dirty. No eyeing the clouds and wondering if they’ll burst into rain. No worrying about getting overheated or having your hair turn frizzy. All you have to do is get dressed and show up. And that’s the way it should be!
Those distractions don’t just add stress; they keep you from being fully present with your family. And rain or not, they can be a dark cloud over what should be a fun day of celebrating your people. At a controlled, indoor setting, your whole family portrait session is sheltered from distractions outside. Your photographer creates the scene, makes adjustments as needed and lets you relax.

2. The Lighting is Perfect

Lighting can be the difference between family portraits that feel full of life and photos that fall flat. Outdoor photographers work to manipulate natural lighting. But ultimately, they face limitations that indoor photographers do not. They have to schedule photoshoots around the sun’s schedule rather than their clients’.
An indoor setting lets photographers create perfect lighting at any time of day. They can create a wider variety of looks and tweak the lighting so everyone looks their best. That means you can schedule your family photoshoot at the time that works best for you. And that freedom allows your family to truly glow.

3. Wardrobe Changes are Easy and Sanitary

A wardrobe change is a great way to add variety to your photoshoot. Maybe you want some formal portraits alongside some more casual ones. Perhaps you want a few of your shots in holiday-themed gear. 
Those desires can be hard to accommodate in an outdoor portrait session. There may be nowhere to change, or you may end up changing in a sketchy public restroom. That problem disappears with an indoor portrait session. In addition to clean restrooms, you may even have a full room to change in. 

4. Indoor Portraits are Timeless

At the end of the day, outdoor portrait trends are just that: trends. They can be beautiful, but they’re not shaped by your family. And over the years, faded trends can make your cherished portraits look dated.
Family portraits should be about your people, not the latest styles. In an indoor setting, a photographer can create a classic aesthetic that lasts. She can tailor backdrops and props to fit your family, making adjustments as your personality shines through. Together, your quirks and interactions can create a beauty your family will cherish for generations.

5. Indoor Portrait Sessions Give You Privacy

We live in an age of cameras, but most of us get at least a little nervous when it comes to having a portrait taken. Those nerves can skyrocket when passersby start observing the session. But an indoor portrait session has no intruders — ever. It’s just you, your family and a photographer doing her best to make everyone comfortable.
Your shyest kid can bask in the safety of his family. Your biggest ham can focus on the camera rather than impressing onlookers. If someone has a wardrobe malfunction or needs a small pep talk, only your family knows. The indoor setting creates a safe place, filled with the love and joy of your kin. It’s exactly what you want for a successful family photo session.

6. You Can Fund Your Favorite Cause Through Indoor Portraits

At Knickerbockers, we turn portrait days into unforgettable fundraising events. We partner with schools, churches, sports teams and more to fund all kinds of causes.
You sell portrait certificates that entitle buyers to a portrait session and a package of prints. You keep 100% of the profits from certificate sales. Then, our expert photographers show up for a full weekend of taking portraits for certificate buyers. Two weeks later, they return to personally deliver each participant’s prints. 
People love Knickerbockers fundraisers because they get to share and receive something meaningful. Some families have multiple generations of Knickerbockers portraits on their walls. 
If you have a special cause on your heart, give us a call at 800-332-1066 to learn how you can hold a Knickerbockers fundraiser. We’d love to bring the magic of indoor portraits to your whole community!

Created by The Social Brand
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